Safety and Security

The Red cab service takes your safety and security very seriously and to this effect provides vehicles that are regularly and systematically checked by our fleet manager. In addition to that we undertake the following

All cars are fitted with tracking device to monitor speed and location
All drivers are regularly tested and trained on their driving skills
All drivers are fully vetted
We can send a text to your mobile phone to tell you which driver and vehicle has been sent to collect you. This means you know what vehicle you are getting into.

All drivers are well presented and safe, we have instant communication coverage and all vehicles are satellite tracked. Your car can be instantly pinpointed with its location and speed. Your full journey details can be securely transmitted to your driver to his/her ‘hand held’ device before being picked up.

As a customer, You must do a few things too

Carry a mobile phone with you
Look out for the text that will be sent before the driver arrives
Make sure it is the correct registration on the vehicle as per the text
Ensure the driver knows your name and destination before you get in.